Poxymoronic Giveaways of the week on the web ? Rewarding ? Awarding ? Genuinely generous real and sincere experts generously rewarded with worthless nothings - mirrored intent yet smudged execution, a zero sum of intentional positive attribution that somehow contains its own opposite ?

Quick Quote for Sunday Evening

"Therefore I have undertaken this work ... not for the sake of speaking with authority about what I know but rather to know these subjects by speaking of them with reverence."

St. Augustine, De Civitate Dei [City of God]

7 days writing makes one week

Its been a full week since I publicly posted anything here, despite the fact that away from this site I wrote a greater volume of words this week than in any other week in my lifetime to date, and that includes weeks containing various academic and commercial deadlines. While volume alone counts for nothing I still ask myself: (in true expose fashion) whats that about ? .... simply that oft & much maligned word: inspiration.

friday future fuutering

What its not - the business

Reading lots but didn't yet get any recent books up on LibaryThing yet, the rest; journals 'n papers via UCD library, Narratology, Ludology, Narratives, IF, Game Design, Digital Poetry, C.S. and then all that 'admin stuff ' that don't spark my standby - twitter, email, memberships, groups, distractions, listmail, social media mail outs, etc etc and odd residual biz phonecalls. I do get fully switched on by the creative freedom I'm currently enjoying, returning full-time to education; it seems kinda out of sync with general recession feeling / sentiment being peddled by traditional media, particularly pre- emergency budget jittering here in the ole sod. When I discuss my decision with some friends I see the latter part of a 'Life of Brian' line popping into their heads... "ten for that..... you must be Mad" and maybe I am but for now it's wonderfully liberating.

April 1st 2009: Required: A wise man to play the fool

April 1st 2009 and off I go with gusto, setting out on my PhD journey in my usual quirky fashion. 'Quirky' here could of course mean any number of things; idiotic, foolish, odd even. 'Quirky' can also mean original, and few people get to be truly original if they stay safely within conventional boundaries. In my view that creative strategy that confines so many people to mediocre conventionality; an inherent fear of failure, is partly responsible for creative restraint and consequent creative constraint. As the old saying goes: 'the man that didn't make a mistake, didn't make anything'.

2009 a fresh start

Yes, yes, yes, I am going to be positive about 2009, whatever it might bring. I'm going to continue to create and write but this year, I'm going to be just a little dangerous in my approach. (I wrote about that dangerousness thing over on so I won't rehash all that here.

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