Christmas cheers for/from Dell

I just today took receipt of a brand spanking new DELL PRECISION M4400 mobile workstation, as a replacement for my M70 that died again on me recently. I'm writing this post on the new machine, learning by doing and all that...

The old M70 was an excellent machine which I've carried half way around the world and back, fairly heavy it rarely let me down, i.e. until the last few months. For whatever reason the graphics card packed in, so dell sent a guy with a replacement and he sorted it promptly and efficiently, next day, as it says on the tin sort of thing.

Beavering in the Background

Well it's Sunday evening and as the title suggests, having cooked the Sunday Spuds for the family, I'm still beavering away in the background, in order to get stuff up and running and add some additional degree of functionality to the site as a whole and user options in general.

odd quote for today

"I would much rather be unhappy than accept this false, lying happiness that is thrust upon me here."
-Aldous Huxley

links of interest for later reviewing

Subjects introduction

Here you find many of the subjects which light, power and inspire my own imagination, desire, soul and satisfaction. There are two common themes occurring and obviously those themes are creativity and technology.

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