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inspiration, pwnification and participation.

I'm preparing to publicly discuss my PhD Research for the first time in a manner entirely different from my previous intimation visual gag outreachery mode.. yup while I love funny... its actually time for me to get serious.

#gig12 - playing a part ( in GIG2012)

play, ludology & games inform elements of my current research, I've written, designed, made, and managed all sorts of computer games over a twenty year period, from console to very small flash based art games to the largest commercial titles produced for PC by Microsoft.

Ketchups, Catch Ups, Techfeckups : Google Google Google & A Ladder.

First a question: “Just how wrong is it to request tomato ketchup in a Parisian restaurant? Answer from experience: it is wrong, very wrong indeed and on so many levels, and that is before I even mention menus or how incredulously wrong when witnessed by others, whether discerning dining companions or fecund fellow customers, that’s before an attempt at factoring in the utter disgust lurking in the narrowed pupils of Parisian restaurant employees. Don’t mention the chef it’s wrong wrong wrong like designing Spandex Speedos for the sheep of Achill Island, wrong wrong wrong.

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