Sticking up for a poetry competition

I have never entered a poetry competition in my thirty years of writing. Recently, perhaps due to my involvement with the study of digital literature and digital poetics etc, I have begun to receive a lot of emails and messages about various such competitions. Me being me, I decided to write a short sort of traditional poem about that this evening.. I stuck up a first draft below:

Making More Believe - on my birthday: Dis-spelling the neccessary aloneness of the long distance writer.

The internet is for the most part utterly fabulous; it is my technologically imaginative window on a world that might otherwise entirely pass me by. The amount of conversation, discussion, information, entertainment, stimulation etc, available to me is literally, mind-bogglingly, a phenomena simply beyond any combinational conceptual compartmental comprehension or to phrase it with just a little less alliterative awkwardness….. Doahhhhhhh.

A Drop Of Beckett

A Drop Of Beckett

Conference @UCD later this year.. my lickle image of said.. or unsaid..

Perloff paradoxically preaching to the poetically perverted ? (Boston Review Article)

I'm a fan of Majorie Perloff's critical work so obviously I did enjoy reading her article, and since it addresses some issues and precipitates others in the comments that concern me, I Just had to jump in and offer my 2cents in those comments.. here's what I said.. the big blank spaces available elsewhere are what I failed to say. ( I've added a couple of explanations and a link or two to the version of my comment below)

Godkitty @ the UnderAcademy

Godkitty @ the UnderAcademy

I am enjoying my participation in the UnderAcademy. For my first assignment I wrote a piece on that great Irish progenitor of No-Code - Flann o Brien's Scientific Hero in the third policeman - De Selby.. decided against posting it on theantianti tumblr and posted it here instead.

The image below was a result of my remediation of the entire Godfather series into one single black and white image.. from the perspective of a cat... in one desperate moment in time... I did say desperate..

we shake the tools and the tools shake us... trust me.

There is a certain McLuhanist methodological irony at play using this sparingly functional wordpad application to finally write an article/blog post about digital humanities on my new three thousand dollar customer built hi-specification 64Bit gaming computer, so much raw power going underutilized, graphics capabilities going unused and entirely under-clocked under-rendered, text going automatically unspellchecked, (albeit blindingly fast though) an insulting algebraic reverse austerity gone too far really, potentially postponed postmodern propounding tripped up by real world incompetence and

inspiration, pwnification and participation.

I'm preparing to publicly discuss my PhD Research for the first time in a manner entirely different from my previous intimation visual gag outreachery mode.. yup while I love funny... its actually time for me to get serious.

#gig12 - playing a part ( in GIG2012)

play, ludology & games inform elements of my current research, I've written, designed, made, and managed all sorts of computer games over a twenty year period, from console to very small flash based art games to the largest commercial titles produced for PC by Microsoft.

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