At the end of the Day... its another new one

I'll just add a link here: to a very interesting worldwide event; Geoffrey Rockwell's Day Of Digital Humanities. This is the second year I took part and as ever I was under time pressures for many other things, the fact that it seems to fall around the Saint Patrick's Day festival each year, means that inevitably there's a bit of a cafutter. (don't look that word up, I just made it up)

Intellectual exile in the town I loved so well.

I resisted writing, speculating, pontificating, screen slobbering here on my website for the last number of weeks. (business brains might call it the first quarter) Firstly and perhaps most obviously because cataclysmic events around our world, Australian floods, New Zealand earthquakes, the revolutions or uprisings and consequent loss of innocent life in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and most recently the triple tragedies in Japan threaten to render these scribblings as utterly infantile and wholly irrelevant in that context of such real world human strife. I haven’t even mentioned the wars.

End of year report ?

End of year report ?

Writers will tire of page and book metaphors but oral and literate terms will persist, scroll down to read more (-: Screen shot, txt msg, apps, status or comment box, all are terms relatively recently embedded in our vocabulary. I wonder what other new or novel descriptors will enter usage in the near to medium future. This screen shot image is from a couple of days ago. It is surprising to me (maybe only me) because it displays 1000 page views of a single blog entry from this site. That's one thousand times that particular piece of writing has been viewed.

stable enough scene

On the occasion of the announcement of his intention to not seek re-election. I began writing a short entirely fictional cabinet scene between a certain Dermot and a less certain Brian.. It began as the end of a much longer post A tale end of the Celtic tiger… ( Long) which I archived there should you want to read a bit of background.



Questioning the value of PhD Research.

I’m flabbergasted or maybe just aghast, €349 or $483 (or even 21,476.54 Indian rupees) was the cost to attend this weekend’s Dublin web summit ( ) – with no specific mention of electronic writing, digital poetry, computer mediated narratives, hypertext, or network centric creativity to be found on any or indeed any individual agenda – and there was supposedly a waiting list ? I know two of the guys speaking and I’d gladly pay to hear either or both of them.

Poetry, Society, Banks.

"There can be no society without poetry,"
Octavio Paz.

I didn’t take the opportunity to post here because family, life and death dictated otherwise. After a wonderful summer, full of inspiration, joy, energy and splendid Moorish Spanish sunshine, I also had PhD transfer panel stuff, family commitments, various other workloads, and a golden vein of scholarly research corralling my thoughts far away from blogging. Three weeks ago I lowered my uncle Johnny into his cold mud walled grave, the proverbial gentle man, I knew him well all of my life, I was deeply saddened at his departure from this world.

Figuring out the will of the people.

On Saturday afternoon last, Nicholas, Grace and I took to the airwaves of DundalkFM100 – all three of us are volunteers and trainees with our local community radio station.

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