Fun at Fictionaut

I just wrote up a story and entered it over at Fictionaut's Saint Paddy's Day Challenge for the craic. Here's the story on this site should you wanna read it.

Forget Springsteen's 57 channels, what about 94 Facebook friends ?

Forget Springsteen's 57 channels, what about 94 Facebook friends ?

The modern money smitten social internet is exponential potential thronged with millions perhaps billions of people exchanging information, intellectual property, files, opinions, comments, work, art and attention, continually interacting in multiple flows of myriad and incessant data streams and matrices.

Beyond the Last Broadcast - Shocking

Beyond the Last Broadcast - Shocking

As part of the material that I will never use anywhere in my PhD I still found myself writing about the difference between old modes and methods of communication and entertainment distribution (al la kittler et al) and newer or recent networked behaviors. I wanted to use an image to quickly convey the essential cultural differences in terms of attitudes - but couldn't find one, thus my effort below.

Google to send me back to that educational blackboard ?

Google to send me back to that educational blackboard ?

Apparently a phenomena exists in Ireland called academic inflation, I say apparently because a man came onto my telly last evening and told me and the rest of the dumb(ing down) Irish RTE audience that it had now become apparent. Our results were up our intelligence just had to be down.

Content may be king but pirates could become prints in waiting.....

Electronic books simply don’t engender the cultural kudos or commercial mysticism that bootlegged ¼ inch audio tapes once did. Popular concert footage, with polystichous protrusions of photographically challenged would be videographers pointing multi megabyte camera-phones in the general direction of stage singing stars, is widely distributed long before the official tour editor ever eyeballs a frame – what a shame?

A Facebook friend asks: what does 'creative writing' mean ?

A friend on Facebook asked this interesting question:
"what does actually 'creative writing' mean? what do you have to learn to become a creative writer?"

Making a Monkey of myself on Twitter: 500 tweets 430 days 5 points.

  1. Monkey in cockney rhyming slang, is five hundred English pounds.
  2. Monkey has become the basic unit of literary stupidity thanks to widespread miscomprehension of the Infinity Monkey theorem
  3. Monkey mind in the Buddhist tradition is one where thoughts jump from one idea to the next without proper or sincere concentration

And the winner is.... Kate Pullinger

And the winner is....  Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger, winner of the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Award for English-language fiction and general all round generous good Gurl. Kate was co-course leader for the M.A. in creative writing and New media in DMU, a really generous Fiction tutor, highly talented and ultra aware in the area of Digital Literature. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Kate will be utterly delighted that her talents have received the due recognition she deserves, I know I am.

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