I'm selling my services this week

MISSION CONTROL: "You've just landed on the personal website of Michael J. Maguire, Irish Digital Creative, Transmedia specialist........and general all round good guy.. click on the "michaeljmaguire.com" on the top left (beside the picture) to reach the front page..

MJM: Hi there, thanks for dropping in, you are most welcome.

MISSION CONTROL: If you are on a mission to source commercial services, I'm afraid they are not currently being offered here.

MJM: That's correct, I'm about to enter the final year of my PhD and as such I can't commit to anything else other than that specific research at present.... But do please feel free to browse and offer feedback on anything you find on this site. Your feedback like your time is extremely valuable.. your opinions, like mastercards.. are priceless.... thank you.

MISSION CONTROL: MJM is testing out his Google learning this week and apologises if your brief sojourn into his virtual home has delayed or distracted you from any serious or important activity.


I'm in Google with some colleagues from the innovation academy this week, so I'll be testing my on-line business acumen.. Up to this point I haven't been interested in monetizing this site.. or indeed my experience or expertise but today I'm translating some of that considerable creative and digital experience into some kinda working capital.

Thus my expertise is apparently for sale at the right price... this week....

If you happened across my site through Google search or indeed a Google campaign .

So please send me an email or get in contact on twitter @clevercelt - via message or tweet.. to prove this thing works as hard as I do.