inspiration, pwnification and participation.

I'm preparing to publicly discuss my PhD Research for the first time in a manner entirely different from my previous intimation visual gag outreachery mode.. yup while I love funny... its actually time for me to get serious.

In a self-delusional, transreal senselessness stupor I do relish how fortunate I am to be the first i/on Ireland to be so deeply involved with this utterly fascinating and stimulating field of endeavor, in some senses my work is similar in view/n to the undertones at play in this wonderful David Jhave Johnston (in conversation) with John Cayley piece: that David posted to facebook this week.

The video in some way may attest to the potential intellectual frailty of my own PhD subject matter, the danger of encroaching upon a distinctly complex set of seemingly incompatible intersections, susceptible to a possibly overly academic reach (certainly in my own progressive elevation of a sort of eulogistic or neologistic, even prototypic language shadowing) a dismissive difficult for any average techie to embrace, yes and a slippery handle

Perhaps ironically my practice and research also threatens to become 'overly techie' in similar intense linguistic framing/treatments slightly over the horizon from the average 'traditional' creative writer... it genuinely does risk bordering on academic computer psudospeak plastered over a smattering of poetic pontification or even pwnification*. My deliberate abuses and mistreatments of linguistic and grammatical convention render my whole exercise one of near acid house high wire introspection.. the word Ouroboros continually occurs and recurs..

I believe the clip of John and David in some senses illustrates these many strengths and weakness that our emerging and evolving area may face should we fail to contextualize public facing elements in a lower intellectual register. (this may be entirely/equally due to my lack of solidarity or peer community here in Ireland - long live the DDDL) I do however believe any would-be digerati scribes among / within us, will just eat this up.. whole.. with a smile on our face and an MP3 in our heart. The average 'whatever' may struggle with inherent complexity, but those of us attuned to these emerging issues will celebrate John and David's impromptu and ultimately incisive readings/engagement with contemporary poetics.

I must mention the hypertalented duo of Andy Campbell and Christine Wilks (crissxross) who have, with several notable others (including: Kate Pullinger, Chris Joesph, Jim Andrews and the aforementioned David Jhave Johnston) launched a new and very promising UK based community initiative for makers of electronic literature / Digital writers: as ever I have lots of other news etc... just not enough time to write it up here...