Perloff paradoxically preaching to the poetically perverted ? (Boston Review Article)

I'm a fan of Majorie Perloff's critical work so obviously I did enjoy reading her article, and since it addresses some issues and precipitates others in the comments that concern me, I Just had to jump in and offer my 2cents in those comments.. here's what I said.. the big blank spaces available elsewhere are what I failed to say. ( I've added a couple of explanations and a link or two to the version of my comment below)

I found it (this article) via a link from a Viennese publisher of born digital materials..( ) I enjoyed it throughout particularly to it's last line. In a recent communion rites powerpoint presentation in County Tyrone, Ireland, A catholic priest inadvertently plugged in a usb memory stick that immediately, without warning displayed pornographic images to the assembled congregation.. ( unfortunate for all.. the entire community was shocked, offended, dismayed, children were exposed to images that were wholly inappropriate..the priest had to be spirited away to another parish.. a review of rules.. accusations and apologies abounded all round.. how could such a thing happen.. what was the world coming to.. and all at the click of a button..

Poetry can shock us like that.. or entirely delight us.. it can do either or both and sometimes it should, it should make us reevaluate our relationships.. our world, including what we think we expect, what we do expect and what we end up getting.. from rules.. rule makers.. poets.. everywhere and everyone.. hey welcome to life.. it contains twists and turns.. even ones where you cannot go.. Should we focus on such cliques or clicks.. lines, allowances learnings symbols.. are we degenerating into a race of poor and poorly educated expensive poets or evolving into a collective expressive.. technologically amplified in austere times when all societies in general are suspected of being dumbed down from above.. brainwashed broadside by business, dumbed or doped down by big pharma.. ( )

Isn't poetry and the art, craft and practice of poetry (however it's interpreted) a positive critical activity.. something essential to be learned.. a way of seeing and questioning.. beyond some simplified mechanical analysis which utterly predominates western culture.. Somewhere ideas of and about poetry, like ideas concerning the human body, human relationships, about education, technology and the intersection of all five became perverted by commercial and exploitative interests.. Perloff appears to be pointing a light.. into that dim area of learning, into that potentially dark practice.. dismissing what is an erudite example of poetic scholarship is unfair to her and her deep and broad understanding..