Seamus Heaney R.I.P.

A six foot surround won’t hold him down
for among such clay he found his way
of watching talk become sound
sculpting moulded mounds of say
nothing of his landscape found without
first a deep yet gentle excavation of a soul
he’ll now always be about.

I've been living with his poetry and presence for years and like all great men famous Seamus will only now be at his 'greatest' because of his passing from this life. Now he can finally be controlled and exploited by those who know more of commerce than communion. Time will however be kinder to him than any of those now constructing that industry. One poet less in the world is an exponential loss, his articulation of a way of being, without his generous animation the very idea of 'the poet' in Ireland is diminished and the whole world a little darker for the loss of his lux perpetua. I broke my silence only to sigh.