Permutations on Paddy’s Day.

Please permit me to wish you a very happy Paddy’s day dear reader, allow me to thank you for visiting. In the last ten years I’ve seen a wonderfully generous increase in the number of people willing to spend their time reading, and often engaging with, some of my writing/work here online (and thankfully also in person), little else pleases a writer more than learning he is being read. As a reader too I like my efforts and time to be acknowledged, thus please accept that acknowledgement and my gratitude.

So it’s all change for me right now, post PhD, I have committed to full-time writing, specifically some commissioned and collaborative commercial projects for various screens. I am truly excited about the special potential of these forthcoming projects. I will continue to write and make and remain creative and innovate in my approach to work(s). My centre will hold. There will even be poems.. but as we all know despite it's true value, writing poetry alone won’t pay a mortgage..

As most of you know, I cut my teeth in comedy writing and directing what where termed pub-dramas back in the 80s and 90s, while also making my first computer games. I spent quite a while as a playwright and artistic director of a theatre and multimedia company before transitioning into full-time game development for Sony Playstation, before moving to Xbox and then a digital media cluster and my story goes on and on and on…

Almost ten years ago, I wrote and designed a multi-platform comedy series with Web, TV, Mobile and Game / Interactive narrative elements.. it was called paddygames and the story of its making is perhaps a classic case study in commercial and creative technological misadventure. So much so that it takes up almost an entire chapter of my forthcoming book.. but more on that later..

Here I offer a simple link to some of the test materials I presented to various executives and commissioning editors at MIP in 2006.. for the day that’s in it, enjoy this brief snippet of paddygames.. (ensure sound is on please)

Paddygames Pilot (presented at MIPTV 2006) from Michael J. Maguire on Vimeo.