Cad is anim duit ?

I’m standing in the sun today, and the welcoming Irish phrase, Cad is anim duit? as I was long ago informed, coming from a border county as I do, a former garrison town, once colonialist buttress at the edge of the pale, in Ireland, that phrase was usually translated as: ‘what is your name ?’ Of course fluent indigenous Irish speakers, even those dubbed by modern media as coming from such ‘republican strongholds’, or indeed anyone with a genuine gra/ love of our native language, also know that the greeting phrase means so much more, well like other hidden riches in life, those that take the time to think about them, may discover and eventually know them. Someone whom I admire greatly pointed me towards the original meaning of a phrase when we both used it synchronistically upon meeting.

The phrase’s original meaning equates to: “how is your soul?” it reminds me of some aspects of the ( seemingly lost) Irish relationship with our true selves, our natural state, and maybe even our natural landscape. Some of those walking on our land everyday often take these relationships entirely for granted, it is only when they leave our island, our special land, and travel to other larger parts of the world, only then do they experience a different psychic energy, a deficit of sorts. Often they may began to feel something for that lost land and consequent usually unconscious relationship with their land(scape). Prolonged non conscious exposure to technology has the potential to create the same negative effect some might say. However my belief, as expressed by John Pat McNamara in Digitalvitalism differs.

Then there are those who will never miss, or connect with, anything, either within themselves or without, such may well be the lot of ignorant, greedy and materialist people, they have my genuine sympathy. A Dantesque iceworld of loneliness awaits them, burn then freeze.. enjoy all your stuff, it’ll add to the kindling and even interesting ice structures. Or stand in the sun and allow your heart to melt, hard hearts cannot function as originally designed. Yet always know that if one must stand in the sun so that another is put in the shade, then that warmth or light, can be neither true nor real and will not melt anything. So how is your soul today ?

My soul seems pretty ebullient, I have a number of projects in train at present that are genuine sources of joy and as Noel Coward famously said, sometimes the work becomes more fun than fun, and the quality of the two collaborative projects I have on my screen at present supports that idea that my work is fun right now. So my soul is good and thanks again for popping by, I have a number of additional commitments which will see me post more regularly on my website, so do check back again or even subscribe to my RSS feed. (That little square orange icon at the bottom of the main page)