Keeping my trap shut: Headwards 2 writer++

Headwards to the excellent IF WIKI/ where I have been delving into classic forms of interactive fiction.

I've been lurking around the site for ages but only joined up a few months ago to grab some links and download away my family life. I've been playing through some classic IF and reading various reviews of same. While I have some experience trying to create IF, I don't believe I possess sufficient expert knowledge right now to even utter that immortal philistine phrase... I don't..... - but I know what I like. Simply because I do not yet know enough about such formal IF systems like TADS and Inform and others to know what I might like, Until I do, I'll keep my trap shut and my eyes and mind open in terms of both form and content.

Time and carelessness ensured my early text adventure attempts in BASIC were lost. I have since played around with several IF systems, INSCAPE, Krak... Crapoff or whatever it was called, I even developed a commerical solution called OPPS (octal plot partitioning system) and have spent several days and weeks of my life reading about 'case based A.I. Planning' Morpology application systems and various other obscure approaches from equally obscure academic minions like myself but also from more widely known and respected people like Chris Crawford, Brenda Laural, Murray etc..... I also recently read the following on the NYtimes site with interest:

which almost mirrored thinking I had encountered back in Feb..... i.e.

"While writing is a practice that is integral to interactive narrative design, developing interactive narrative systems is something that is clearly beyond the scope of a writer by any definition. It is like the craft of cinematography in film, in that interactive narrative systems are the conduit through which written content is delivered to the VUP. Via a sort of synesthesia in which narremes presented as audio, visual, and gameplay stimuli are cognitively ingested by the VUP rendering a legible narrative. The quality of the narrative rendered will vary on the quality of the story as written, and the success of the narrative delivery systems. Which, again like the best cinematography, is transparent to it's participatory audience. "

.....the above excerpt is taken from: Here and I find it misleading and simply don't agree with most of what is written on that page, condescension aside, the author appears to miss the central appeal of games and video games ... and I'm not speaking about semi-abstract ideas like agency but much lower level ones like engagement, the suspension of disbelief, and what a writer is and does. '

Both articles deal with 'writing based products'; books and narrative designs. Despite references to both art and technology both evangelize the potential future developments from their own myopic perspective. In each case the role of the writer is subtly diminished or augmented by other 'disciplines' - a need to reframe what a writer does, via sublimation, remediation or augmentation of the craft itself. In my own humble opinion both these 'visionary' articles are too narrow and too static to actually represent the evolution of writers today.

The central truth about today's writers have remained true for centuries (before Wagner, Pirandello, or even Aristophanes said anything about audiences, walls) a writers stock in trade are 'ideas'. Today's writers, the truly creative ones, evolve those ideas, play with them, find ways to express them, explore their complexity, fail - get up, their perspectives adjust, contexts shift, writers grow, try again, something knew, avoid the previous trap, its about growth and flexibility, successful writers in the mode of Professor Carol Dweck don't view either their intelligence, abilities or craft as anything other than 'incremental theory'.

which I think is one of the reason's why I've been drawn headwards to the whole area of IF, apart from intelligent commentary and community, the author appears to be allowed, even encouraged/expected to advance the form as well as the content.

oh dear... another rant... and BTW Headward isn't a word in common usage, I made for this post, Google confirmed: "Headwards was not found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary." But I think it might mean going forwards/towards something using your intellect or my thick Irish head.