What's the point of this site ?

Starting out over twenty five years ago, I dared not dream that this level of access, information, innovation, interaction and stimulation would ever be made available to a creative individual like myself. With the aid of the Drupal Community I have been able to create this little corner in cyberspace for this, my own creative experiment in creative community building.

When I started out, Research meant, two biros, a pad and trundle along in my wet desert boots to an old gated library, when not only did an average Mick like me not feel wanted, the first question we were asked in that library was: "And what do you want ?"

Like Doahh take a wild guess, there's loads of them here.... those almost wooden things you've packed together on the shelves.

But technology changed that relationship between me and information, it changed my ability to access and manipulate information, it allowed me to garner knowledge and in turn further improve my access. I live in an apparent democracy and today my ability to access and disseminate information and knowledge is beyond others' influence, that relationship between my appetite and books has continued to grow, but it is apparent to me that books are no longer the sole repository of human knowledge and there are new ways, new dynamics, new opporunties to learn and grow and create.

So I'm just sitting here at my PC waiting for a couple of things to happen: my slow and spontaneous creation of this site.. and my desert boots to finish drying.