Poxymoronic Giveaways of the week on the web ? Rewarding ? Awarding ? Genuinely generous real and sincere experts generously rewarded with worthless nothings - mirrored intent yet smudged execution, a zero sum of intentional positive attribution that somehow contains its own opposite ?

Let me start with my own poxymoronic statement of the week that prompted this post: "My doctor greatly improved my future health in relation to how bad I had actually been feeling while presenting for well over the past two years now."


Over at my Libarything, you can see that I buy the (very) odd book, and in those last two plus years I've been consistently resisting buying this essentially because it genuinely reflected my general outlook on most days over that period. I tried lots of different methods to raise that utterly destructive perspective - more humor exposure, avoiding Radiohead albums, almost vigorous exercise, resigning from my day job, traveling to Rome for several days pure cultural and culinary indulgence, signing up for a PhD ! to continually incanting Anthony De Mello's - 'I am NOT my... mood', although admittedly often injecting my own expletives in there ... tough stuff on my ole creative head.


Now as it transpires, not smoking, not drinking, living reasonably healthily and writing/making daily (ok often next door to / between two, sets of consecutive house renovations) has somehow combined with old(er) age to prevent my thyroid gland from functioning properly. So said the results of the latest series of blood tests - commissioned upon the return of my own G. P. who had himself been off recently having an operation - factual. Being the utter professional gentleman that he is, with a series of small waves of his pen he has fixed me wid the aid of a couple of tiny pills. Much rejoicing and improved outlook ensued.


Incredulous ? well to reiterate that famous Liverpudlian philosopher Steven Gerard's enthusiastically sincere outburst, after their 4-1 league drubbing of Manchester united:

" The belief in the team was unbelievable"

and he should know he was awarded the professional press packs' player of the year award - with off the pitch verbal skills to mirror rather than match equally copy worthy on pitch talent - IMHO Steven deserves any award he gets. So my own recent credibly incredulous diagnosis set me thinking about such talents and how they should be recognized by any one of us great unwashed creative anonymous ...

Age old truism of the week: Doctors Differ: Patients Die. (Or in my own case become potentially suicidally depressed)

Should my doctor get a gold medal or some sort of rubber meddle for doing his job correctly ? I'm now sorted but its taken almost two years to discover something, which to a layman like me, appears superficially or relatively bog standard by processes of elimination to determine or deduct within a much shorter timeframe what was going on. So I'd like to offer him, rather than Steven Gerrard my inaugural poxymoronic award of a golden rubber medal.

Which set me into some thinking about who else might get one of these premium John Terry penalty prizes ?

poxymoronic ronseal award of the week: Ready Steady Book poxymoronically offers a huge volume of text advice to writers - Semi- intelligent distractions taking up a lot of their personal time and keeping them away from their own writing, irrespective of how intelligent it is, it does the opposite of making you write - it makes sure you don't. I know this is now doing the same which is why its almost over... sorry..

poxymoronic award for super intelligently unintentional professional envy creation of the week award: Chris Horn The intelligent, innovative, generous decent and inspirational Irish gentleman scientist, well certainly that describes him to me and anyone else who is in any way interested in software development, business leadership, engineering, learning culture, philanthropy etc. When I read his post, I immediately remembered the Irish American Lobster Comment as Chris praises a long serving (perhaps even a less successful version of himself in a parallel universe) inner city Christian brother's teacher called Jim, (just prior to his post on the ryan institutional abuse report). Chris completely unintentionally draws the largest professional target on the Jim's back by mentioning Jim's genuine commitments to teaching difficult higher level mathematical concepts when the suggestion is that most of his profession couldn't apparently be arsed to even try.

Please return to your own writing in the sure knowledge that you are now fully equipped to avoid or suggest future poxymoronic rubber meddle awards