Netpoetic Fun & the world Record breaking Pundit Poetry Generator

I'm really enjoying the netpoetic site, Jason Nelson is a generous, entertaining and somewhat enlightened guy, I will confess I also identify with his sense of humor - check out his videos - if you'd like to learn abit about him and get entertained en route. I will certainly play around with the net poetry / digital lit / interfaces he's developing. I downloaded everything to play with it and while I was playing with his Song generator, some strange ideas popped into my head.

Having enjoyed Jason's light hearted banter I originally wanted to make the 'Ka Ka Phoney' - Football wisdom generator - but despite some having a fervent belief in God, unfortunately the world's most expensive soccer players don't offer up much by way of wisdom in the English language. I also thought about the on-going discussion today about 'the cost of dead poets' which ' mIEKAL aND' brought to a particular lists' attention - the guardian mentions it here.

Framing those issues in the context of Carol Anne Duffy giving her Poet Laureate fee away for good causes, the abysmally low levels of grants Poets tend to receive anyway - the fact that a twenty five year old Emmanuel Adebayor - (whom no one other than a die hard arsenal fan would describe as a 'world class' footballer ) has just signed a deal for weekly wages of £170,000 Stg. The whole thing just utterly perplexes me beyond any lexia Talen has provided, while I enjoy watching local football with my kids, and we are sky sports subscribers, I am utterly disgusted at the amounts of money that are being fired around - every premiership club should be mandated to have a poet. Each should be sent out to read poetry after every game - I laughed at that, and of course that all led to me making something from Jason's file:

The Pundit Poetry Generator.

Which was a fun way to play around with Jason's cool flash file - I will maybe get around to doing something less 'ad-hoc' when time allows.