Jason Nelson V Netpoetic.... Flash V Processing.... Drupal V Wordpress.... Me V The idiot Me.

Jason Nelson V Netpoetic....    Flash V Processing....   Drupal V Wordpress....         Me V The idiot Me.

The image above is the only known non-copyrighted image of ‘heliopod’ the Armenian syntax smuggler – master of disguise supposed real name: Clause Von Gerund – also known to Interpol under several pseudonyms and identities including the infamous digital poetry kidnapper Mr. Jason Nelson. Although unconfirmed reports mention his recent involvement in any number of releases, officials still advise caution and at least two stanzas of William Carlos Williams before approaching.

“Now that I can borrow from the best" rather than “"not that I can borrow from the best” was my bottom line I accidentally placed in  a comment over at Jason's which has a more reflective version of this post – where a draft of this began its lickle life, as a quick and typo ridden comment about Brian Stefans’ letterBuilder  which I absolutely view as a positive incarnation in the Processing milieu, of which I was utterly oblivious until last week.

I then went on, & on, & on, to write about finding the NextText for Processing Library, and it’s potential applicability to stuff I’m trying to make right now. And how Flash is more visual/arty than my experience of processing which strikes me like having the potential to become a dantesque API maths environment, anyway you get the message. I was enjoying doing a bit of interacting over with the netpoetic folks.

That was until I got stuck in and I noticed that typo - comments - can't fix it from here, don't want to delete everyone else's comment's - wordpress admin hell - I haven't, nor do I presently intend to, implement a word press blog - this site is based on Drupal - sort of like wordpress for the 21 century idiot digital writer like me - more complex backend but the front end is intuitive, for the people by the people - free - opensource. So although my bottom line is erroneous in the comments- so be it - just another slap in the face for wordpress superiority.. rather than my inferiority when it comes to time and attention to detail. Some day everyone will use Drupal - I could be wrong though - that happens a lot.