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Thanks for stopping by, your precious time and attention are valued. Writing and creativity are gifts that those of us privileged with education and experience often take for granted. We should share these gifts.

Many of us engage in some connected activities on a daily basis, creating emails, text messages, blogs, comments, websites, articles, videos, even books - we get creative, we learn, we experience and we write and make stuff. We also often forget just what a complex process writing is. Writing is really an under the hood form of magic, that extends, expands and challenges our conscious and subconscious minds. To write really well, you must be very talented, really well practiced, focused, lucky, inspired, informed, in form, appreciated, all eight or none of these things.

The only way anyone can learn to write well is to.... well.. write. Seems so 'wood for the trees' simple, yet there it is. Write and write and write and you may become a writer ! Writing is usually the initial building block of so many creative technology based activities and projects. The key to entertaining communication is creativity. Listen to what other people have to say about your writing and decide whether to accept or act upon the opinions and information they feed back to you... and you may eventually become a writer that is read by other people.

Not the advice I wanted to hear in my early teens when I started out completely clueless, and thankfully not the advice I received. I was told way back then that I had to learn a whole encyclopedia of rules and regulations in order to understand what ingredients, temperament and components were required to become a professional writer. Today's txt msg generation know that those OMG so vital requirements are actually bullshit and the key to being understood is the aforementioned feedback by any other name. Today's gap between professional and amateur writer is wedged apart by money, information, and opportunity.

I have been writing for over thirty years, some days I'm pretty good at it... other days.. (like today I hear you shout).. I just plain suck. But thirty years down the road, striving to earn my living from writing and creativity, I am even more aware that I am still learning, I am still learning how to write effectively, how to improve, I'm still learning how to learn. I have been very fortunate with this website since I first enabled it, I have lots of feedback and lots of encouragement from many good people. So much so that I have taken the advice of others and further edited sections of the text that used to be here.

This site began as solely my personal website, my openaccess space, part journal, part rant, devoid of all advertising or commercialism, devoid of external pressures, academic considerations, or any kind of career aspirations, it has been a kind of thinking out loud space while I was creating, writing, learning, studying and exchanging while at University College Dublin and elsewhere. It has been a test, a test site in every sense, it tested me, and tested those who became involved, (& thanks to those who have given their time, effort & attention) it tested my patience with technology (yes even after all my eulogizing / evangelizing of it elsewhere) it tested my commitment to the destigmatization of failure, my embracing the fuck-up as a method of personal learning, my firm belief in the inherent goodness of intelligent and creative people and my preparedness to be very wrong about many things, including..creative.. freedom.. and what many people understand by that term.

Welcome and thanks again for stopping by. Freedom is like our internal writing muscle - it needs a bit of exercise from time to time..

Update 04/07/2016 As of today July 4th 2016, I am planning on very soon retiring this (my personal) website in it's current format. I will archive it and make it available to anyone who might want to peruse it in some kind of digital form. I'd like to thank the thousands of you who visited, the approx 11 thousand who took the time to read this page, the over 33K of you who read my top post and the other countless thousands of you who visited every nook and cranny of my sprawling site.

It was no mean feat, without adhering to any actual writing or content strategy, using linking, ignoring the obvious benefits of analytics, having zero promotion, nil exchanges, not spending a single cent on advertising, the fact that I managed to get 'an audience' at all, is a fantastically rewarding validation, specifically in terms of some of the tremendous communications and messages I have received over the years. So I genuinely thank you. I think I may be able to write after all. All things must come to an end, renew, or be reborn. Thus this site will be reborn later this year in a different form.. thanks again for visiting and reading. Watch this space.. or bookmark the main page..

Update 10/05/2015. To date ( i.e. May 10th 2015) I admit, I have kinda (mis)treated this website like a cross between an aspiration for an intellectual prompt space, a ranty writty ranty interwebs thing, an expressive amoeba like unambitious mechanism i.e. just doing my spontaneously correct and proper thing on my own site as I see fit - mistakes, warts and all that jazz, simply a general 'just my corner' of the web stuff. Thus I confess to having allowed the site to grow freely, organically, irregularly, unchecked, sporadically, over the last seven or so years.. yup it's been utterly free.. and freeing.. but life and the rigid requirements of a professional status, the attendant requirement for clear visibility in respect of professionalism and dedication, the need, (despite whatever personal sense of humor level anyone might have) to be taken seriously by bill generators, creditors, decision makers, financial folks and bank account manager types, means my ( somewhat reluctant) introduction of a modicum of discipline and structure into the site over the coming months.. just to allow those that don't really understand anything about what it is that I do.. to get some kind of handle on some of it.. hence the immediate need for structure and discipline..

Update 03/06/2014: I had my viva voce on April 3rd 2014, had some typos to fix before hardback submission, which I have now done, thus I'm a doctor now.. I have completed my doctoral program at UCD and now have a PhD in Creative Writing (Electronic & Digital Literature).. so watch this space for further posts and updates... and thanks again for visiting..

Update 11/09/2013: Hey folks, a sincere thanks to those of you who contacted me for various reasons, if you have professional or general enquires in respect of teaching/lecturing/speaking or creative/games consultancy work do feel free to contact and connect with me through Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/clevercelt - and thanks again, what truly wonderful people you are..