Is that a digital Dagger I see before me Prince ?

Oh yes back in the day, that is the Amstrad day, didn't we enjoy trying to get those dungeon gates to open up while surrounded by sparsely deployed, non the less atmospheric little flickery flame things, many oddly pitched tones and much blank areas punctuated by porous paving .. erm no actually, come to think of it, that just distracted from the right pain that was the repetitious searching for the correct jump spot. All that while hoping it wouldn't crash again (as it often did). Until I saw the game again, this time updated to 3D (around 98?) with the NDL engine, it improved the player experience by an exponential measure. Now its off into the cinematic realm in the company of Jake Gee your sister's performance changed my perspectives on secretaries, So wots dat gonna be like then - in terms of viewer experience ?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in HD

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