Monday...The reality is: pundit platitudes are massive grief.

I'm developing a model of my academic research and again became interested in visualizations and representations of reality - however diverse, hence the embedded video above. ‘The reality is’ seems to preface every political pontification I’ve endured lately in main stream media – particularly prevalent on TV since the first banshee budget wails began, as a phrase its been utterly overused since the start of the credit crunch. In fact my own reality is creative in a mostly subjective and entirely personal manner, remaining far outside the allegedly true, common or existent narrow ‘ realities’ being hawked by snake oily mouthed morons appearing on TV of late. The reality is… they sound utterly removed from what I know, experience and understand to be parts of ‘my own shared reality’ so please stop trying to graft your consensus based, transparent, politically motivated, constricted and infantile interpretations onto my life by employing equally redundant rhetorical assertions about what constitutes my lived experience.... especially when I’m cranky because I’m digressing from writing PhD materials.

The reality is.. if you are trying to use that phrase, abusing and confusing the definitive article as preface to the promotion of some item on your personal political agenda, then you simply don’t understand the first thing about what others’ reality might actually be. And therefore should refrain from any such declarations, we would all be much better served by the return of your head to your sphincter muscle – from whence it obviously came – you are thereafter free to make as many oral assertions as you may require - bearing in mind, your reality may become fact, and whining is not clever and no one will believe anything else you ever say again, once you’ve said that.. that is. or not as the case may be.

My own reality is I currently study, work and live in a country full of cronist clowns that messed up our wee country in the first place. In yesterday’s (UK based) Sunday Times Irish Edition - Gerard O Neill (of Amarach Consulting - whom I should some day formally thank for introducing me to cyberpunk back in the early 1990s and whom I might point out did not partake of the reality circus) is quoted as comparing our current societal mood to the Kübler-Ross model containing the five stages of grief (an idea that recently surfaced back at netpoetic in relation to the adoption of electronic literature in US academia).

In the societal context, is there irony in the use of the words; ‘stages’ and grief ? Each has many connotations, not least, the idea of performance, interim transportation, or someone just nagging and nagging, ideas that might embarrass us or simply wont behave as expected in public. The fact that Kübler-Ross had originally formulated her theory in relation to catastrophic news, coupled with the constant barrage of affirmations of reality preceding every doom laden, waffle talk about, downward turn in our economic spiral just convinces me that my reality actually is.. genuinely… really…. to borrow that well worn Andy Townsendism…‘Massive’.

You see while we all suffer grief at one point or another, according to Mr Townsend ( and Jamie - sage of the absent hubcap - Redknapp, Graham Sourness Souness, Eamon Grumpy Dunphy and the rest of the redundant punditry) everything in their reality, i.e. the footballing firmament is ‘Massive’. ‘it’s a massive game for them, they need a massive performance, it’s a massive win, a massive loss, a massive draw, its massive this and a massive that, massive, massive…yawn….. its overuse only adds to its meaning as the man in the street’s larger version of ‘important’ and personal.

With my own cranky codger stage coming into view… I can remember when ‘experts’ were brought onto TV primarily to assist dumb people like me in understanding really complex theoretical models – like International currencies fluctuations or Atomic energy processes, or even… complex political policy – since football and the gulf war made satellite broadcasting relevant to the masses, Massive hubris, has become the order of the day, and anyone employed in TV is now automatically an expert, the next time there’s something relatively complex to discuss, notice how stations attempt to add credibility by going/cutting to their special correspondent on the subject – he’s usually shoved just a short cab ride away from the studio so that the main presenter can quiz them remotely – based on supposed superior understanding of the situation – more often than not – we just get the general editorial line mouthed by the special correspondent – and oddly no one seems to give the stations any massive grief. That's developing into a pet fasination of mine - watch the exterior expert say nothing...

Anyway back to proper writing n stuff... before I become the thing I despise.. hope your reality is working out for you.