About Me on Digital Humanities Day 2010

Michael J. Maguire is an Irish digital writer, poet, playwright, critic, entrepreneur and creative developer working across platforms and disciplines from theatre to film, computer games to poetry, Sound, Video, GFX, the internet and beyond. He is currently a full time student and part-time company director.

Michael holds a Higher Diploma in Theatre Studies from National University of Ireland Maynooth and a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing and New Media from De Montfort University Leicester in the UK. He is entering his second year as a PhD student of digital literature in the school of English, Drama and Film in University College Dublin, Ireland.

Michael's early educational background was in Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineering, and subsequently electronics and electronic business machines, before spending some years as artistic & technical director of a traveling theatre and multimedia company. Following successful completion of a Technology Enterprise Programme, He moved full-time into writing,designing and making computer games. His ideas and character designs were the very first used to showcase the now almost ubiquitous 'HAVOK' Engine.

He has been writing, making and breaking 'things and stuff' since he first played with BASIC on a C64 in the mid 80s, later he created many frame collapses in IF panels in his uncles TV and Video repair shop before deciding to concentrate on writing & directing comedy pieces for stage & screen. A lifelong fascination with writing, entertainment and technology saw him get involved in the fledging games industry in the mid 90s. After conducting the first feasibility study into I.E.S. (interactive entertainment software) for Ireland's National Enterprise Agency he went on to found Ireland's first and only company to become an SCEE licensed Playstation Developer. Michael later went to work for Microsoft Games Studios at its European Product Development Center where he manged the development production of Xbox and PC games, Like Rally Sport Challenge and Flight Simulator for Non US Markets. Michael was a representative member of many internal MS committees including the MGS representative on the HED Innovation committee and the HED representative on the MIOL community committee.

Michael maintains two personal websites: www.michaeljmaguire.com a site he primarily uses for opinions experimentations and a point of contact reference but as of late may 2010 he will also use it to start disseminating some of his preliminary PhD research. The second site is that of his creative (or comedic) on-line alter-ego clevercelt www.clevercelt.com. clevercelt is an on-line identity Michael has used for about fifteen years.

There's more.. but I think you get the jist. Thanks for reading this.