Ten for that ? You must be Mad... Really Brian.

..." Er Bert, this guy won't haggle"... Is of course a related line from the same scene in 'The Life of Brian". That specific Brian being the central messiah figure and the subject of a case of mistaken identity. As opposed to The Irish Brian, former Minister for Finance during the boom, head of the country as it bust and head case of identified mistakes.

Somewhat ironically The life of Brian was deemed blasphemous by our Government it was banned in Ireland upon advice of the catholic church, apparently for fear of corruption of the unwashed, uneducated, taxed working masses but also maybe on the off chance that we might just learn to enjoy laughing at self appointed intermediaries who like to mediate our thoughts on our behalf. How much are you going to pay Brian ?

Last week was a typically odd week for the media, we had two major government reports into why the country is currently banjaxed, how the banking sector collapsed here in part because those entrusted with its ethical functioning basically did whatever their greedy materialistic slurry slurping ego's tempted them to do... and their condescending attitude which basically said feck everyone else and the consequences into this bargain, for which you can have any amount of discount and credit once you belong to our circles of collective corrupt thinking.... just sign here, yeah whomever's name you want.. what? Really.. Brian ?... well if you know him then don't bother signing... we're all friends here. What you're Brian as well ? really and the wife ? Both of yous ?

And so with few brains, less ethics and a multitude of Brians it all went belly up, now Brian's will just do what they always do, they dump a couple of reports into the public domain and swiftly follow them with a story about Ryan (nearly transmogrified into Brian) Turbity (the Radio & TV 'personality') who's taking over a dead DJ's radio hour - nice to know Irish mainstream media can keep its focus on such 'terrible for the wee people' times and keep the Brian's in their high powered, thick as two short planks but paid buckets to do it, jobs.

Which all just serves to remind me why it is I despise politics and the oligarchical structures that allegedly facilitate and fuel debate in this gorgeous little country of ours. What hope for a poet among such philistine gobshites...

Ten for that ? You must be Mad... Really Brian.