End of year report ?

Writers will tire of page and book metaphors but oral and literate terms will persist, scroll down to read more (-: Screen shot, txt msg, apps, status or comment box, all are terms relatively recently embedded in our vocabulary. I wonder what other new or novel descriptors will enter usage in the near to medium future. This screen shot image is from a couple of days ago. It is surprising to me (maybe only me) because it displays 1000 page views of a single blog entry from this site. That's one thousand times that particular piece of writing has been viewed. Hey I'm really flattered, delighted, and I will say quite filled with enthusiasm in relation to writing my thesis. That old joke about the difference between a thesis and an academic book being: you're guaranteed at least three readers with a thesis...

The point being that this site, my site began as an experiment, easily recognisable since its bordering on one of those 90's sites that was always under construction, it has sort of settled down a bit but hey I've learned to not only embrace ambiguity but to actually relish it, having a site that doesn't do what it says on all the other tins, was my hope, I live in that hope of finding something new, and I tend to discover something of value each and every day, just a lot of the time I'm not sure what that really is. So it goes into notebooks and gets written and scribbled elsewhere, apologies I've tended towards just using this site as a general rant space. My research and work has pretty much stayed off it's radar.

I know there are rules and accepted ways to do things and there's quite a lot of clever people out there, monitoring, analysing, focusing and iterating web, image, text, media and typeface design to tremendous effect in attempts to figure out the slickest, snazziest and most efficient ways of communicating messages. There's even prescribed F shaped reading patterns to screens that people like me should adhere to for maximal scanning stickiness. Most of the clever people exploiting such research are 'internet marketing experts' and I see little difference between a lot of them and the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear. I have expressed views here on such issues any number of times.

However, and if I'm allowed to rise from my seat for a moment, bow me humble head while putting my ink-stained hand on my heart, to acknowledge that I may have been guilty of at least five major flaws in my outlook in the last year or so since starting to make this site, namely:

1: Tarring everyone with the same brush.
2: Wallowing in a little bit of contempt prior to full investigation.
3. Failing to entirely practise what I'm thinking about half - preaching or maybe professing at worst.
4. Discovering that a sense of humour is much rarer than I had anticipated - a lot of very (unnecessarily) serious people in the world - ok medical doctors and the like of those dealing with critical issues excepted, how so many uptight individuals survive without going seriously nuts.. beyond me.. a laugh is wonderful therapy...

Anyway, what this post sorta boils down to is that end of year - report - much like every other one I received in secondary school - has undoubted ability, requires focus, needs to take himself and the work more seriously, yadda yadda, yadda.. basically I'm taking some stock and trying to figure out what will happen with this kind of stuff in the new year.. thanks to the 1010 pairs of eyes that have perused and used the site in the last twelve months... Just figure out what to do next.... happy Christmas & all that Jazz, or not, as the case maybe.

End of year report ?