Inverse Niche ? Ta ! ( The dead data divil in my digital detail)

Inverse Niche ?  Ta ! ( The dead data divil in my digital detail)

I wrote a little bit about some initial experiences with Ireland's first tranche of 'digital humanists' back in 2009: Coming from a twenty five year writing and technology background, I almost argued, without intentionally offending anyone I trust, that essentially many in Ireland venturing into the emerging discipline at that time were not theoretically equipped to actually comprehend it's true creative potential.



closed canvas under oil

nature's page screened within mind

greed destroys spiritual ecosystems

showing near you

disasters aggression exploitation war

our world becoming A B movie

where those who what and how

as we can know

scramble for power position privilege

money market dynamics

putrid economic paper pandemics

write, make poems, paintings and pray

that the minds of the world will open today

And the winner is.... Kate Pullinger

And the winner is....  Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger, winner of the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Award for English-language fiction and general all round generous good Gurl. Kate was co-course leader for the M.A. in creative writing and New media in DMU, a really generous Fiction tutor, highly talented and ultra aware in the area of Digital Literature. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Kate will be utterly delighted that her talents have received the due recognition she deserves, I know I am.

clever cyber content

clever cyber content

Made using an old version of 3D studio Max, a white background version of my original clevercelt logo - each 'C' was to represent culture, comedy and various other words beginning with C - after many iterations and hacks of the site, losing it contents many times (without back-up) my original 'can't perceive the 'vision' for all this seeing' idea became ultra frustrating and time consuming - sometime around 2000 it got shortened to 'Never Content With Content'. I now mainly use the site for work bearing the name of my alter ego - clevercelt

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